Key Policy

My experience as an engaged and dedicated advocate for education has offered me important insights
regarding the role that education plays in our communities. Equally important, however, is the role that
our communities play in the education of our children. The classroom is an essential component of
education, but classrooms do not exist in a vacuum. Research has demonstrated time and time again
that what happens outside of the classroom – at home and in the community – has a profound effect on
the educational outcomes experienced by students. In order to ensure that the

promises of education
are available to all of our children, we must commit to education as a community-wide endeavor.

As your representative I will stand on the front lines and fight for a better way forward! This includes:
Improving Educational Resources
I will work tirelessly to ensure that our schools have as many resources as possible to help our students
excel academically.
This also includes funding for wrap around services to help students cope with issues
outside of the classroom. Whether it is community sponsored co-learning spaces, efficient after school
and summer programs, effective extracurricular activities like fine art programs, sports activities,
technology programs, or anything else that promotes advancement and development, I will fight to
make certain that every tool is available to help our students succeed!

Supporting Teacher Recruitment, Development, and Retention
Attracting, developing, and retaining excellent teachers is essential to the success of our students. Our
district faces unique challenges associated with attracting and retaining educators. In order to overcome
these challenges, I will work with our communities to make our schools attractive opportunities for
educators through effective training and mentoring initiatives.
These kinds of programs are the key to
developing and keeping excellent teachers.
Putting Education at the Center of Community Development
Investments in education pay off exponentially in the development of our communities. Through
education we can recover, revitalize, and rebuild our workforce by fostering the talent that exists within
our own district. Investing in the education of our workforce will lead to economic growth and a better
quality of life in our communities. This investment will also help us retain our homegrown talent. The
positive impacts of education will make staying in our communities a more attractive option for our
students. By investing in students from the earliest stages of their education, we can make it clear that
they are valued by our communities!

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