Key Policy

Promises of economic development are a common theme among candidates for elected office. For me it
is more than a campaign promise – it is a commitment to the future for your family and mine. In order
to make this commitment a reality, we must find innovative ways to boost our local economies. From
the hills of Cusseta to the farmlands of Plains, our district is ripe with opportunities that will be at the
core of our plan to build a booming economy.

 As your representative I will champion a plan for economic growth based on the following strategies:
Creating Jobs in Our District
I believe in Southwest Georgia and will work tirelessly to build a robust economy that creates jobs,
expands careers, and grows wealth for all of our citizens. I will actively promote Georgia’s 138th House
District and the potential herein to employers from across the country and beyond. I will roll up my
sleeves and work with a broad coalition of stakeholders to attract businesses, to develop and support
our local businesses, and to promote entrepreneurship within our communities.

Addressing Barriers to Job Growth
In order to attract and support employers, we must carefully examine our laws and regulations to
determine if they are preventing employers from choosing our district, or if they are stifling those
employers who are already here. We must look at each law and regulation carefully, weighing its
intended outcome, its effectiveness in achieving that outcome, and its impact on our economy. I will
work diligently to shape our laws and regulations in ways that promote economic growth, without
sacrificing the health and well-being of our communities.

Preparing Our Workforce
Ultimately, everything we do to grow our economy is centered upon the people who live in our
communities. In order to build a vibrant economy, we must do everything we can to empower the hard-
working and talented people who make Southwest Georgia a place that we are proud to call home.
We have what it takes to build a workforce that makes Georgia’s 138th House District a competitive
destination for employers, and to foster homegrown businesses. With the right education and training, I
am confident that our people will rise to the occasion and be the drivers of our economic growth!

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