Promises of economic development are a common theme among candidates for elected office. For me it
is more than a campaign promise – it is a commitment to the future for your family and mine. In order
to make this commitment a reality, we must find innovative ways to boost our local economies. From
the hills of Cusseta to the farmlands of Plains, our district is ripe with opportunities that will be at the
core of our plan to build a booming economy.


My experience as an engaged and dedicated advocate for education has offered me important insights
regarding the role that education plays in our communities. Equally important, however, is the role that
our communities play in the education of our children. The classroom is an essential component of
education, but classrooms do not exist in a vacuum. Research has demonstrated time and time again
that what happens outside of the classroom – at home and in the community – has a profound effect on
the educational outcomes experienced by students. In order to ensure that the promises of education
are available to all of our children, we must commit to education as a community-wide endeavor.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased attention to something that we have known for years –
our communities need better access to affordable, quality healthcare. This is not simply a matter of
increased awareness. The current pandemic is compounding the existing problems with new and ever-
shifting challenges. We need leadership with the vision and courage to support solutions that go beyond
the business-as-usual approach that led us to our current predicament. We deserve better!

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